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Unreadable blocky text in some places with Epic Game Store

I’m trying to install GTA V from the Epic Game Store. I have tried using the Lutris install scripts for both. Each one successfully gets the Epic Game Store running, but when I click to install GTA V the text is unreadable.

Screen shot:

Log files:

I’m on Arch Linux and have installed Windows fonts system wide with ttf-ms-win10 and within the wine context with winetweak corefonts and winetweak allfonts.

A quicker test of the font can be seen by installing the EGS and when launched, don’t bother logging in. Just right click the EGS icon in the Wine System Tray - the text is fully garbled there too.

GPU is and AMD RX480.

Here is one person’s experience getting it working with Wine:

The most interesting part of those instructions is installing corefonts with winetricks, but you already did that. :confused: