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Hi there,

I’m totally new in your community, since this same day. Lutris is exactly what I was looking for my daily use. (I used a some years back version, but I didn’t stay back then. Today I found you again).

I made an account for use of Lutris, and start syncing some of the listed game that I own. Then I started to submit other games that I didn’t see on your list. On one of my submits I finished of supplying the needed information, try to send the submit, and a message of that game was already submitted appeared. I thought what are the odds for someone to submit at the same time!!.. So I found that using your advanced search options I could find a lot of games that are unpublished.

Why are so many unpublished games? Do you need help to accept them? Is there more information needed to accept them?

Thanks. :wink:

PS: sorry if my english is a little rusty, it’s not my native language.

Welcome rawBasic !

The unpublished games are games that are automatically added when people synchronize their Steam library. We plan to have a wiki style editor for game details but for now only moderators can modify these existing unpublished games. And we likely won’t fill in the details manually (there are thousands of unpublished games and we are uh, 4 mods currently I think) unless someone submits an installer or screenshots for one of these games. :slight_smile:

But yeah, if you want to help now with filling in some of them, @strider might give you editing rights. I’ll summon him on this thread.

PS: I’m not native English either, so don’t take example on my writings. :wink:

Thanks for the quick reply.

I undestand now, but for example my submit of FlightGear game is listed as an unpublished game, and it was a manual submit not an automatic one.

Sure, let me help you with what I can.

Thanks again.

You’re right, in the case of FlightGear, it’s unpublished because it doesn’t have any published installer. (We prefer not to show games that can’t be installed on normal searches. This is still subject to discussion I guess though)

Thanks, it seems fair to me. Now I fully undestand.

PS: now I submitted Agar.io with an “installer” :wink:

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I’ll improve the game submission form in the next few days. The “search” field is confusing and the error message about unpublished games is confusing as well.

What I plan to do is remove the search field and when users type in the name field it queries TheGamesDB and our current database. If the name is one of our unpublished games, it loads the current info and let users fill in the missing details. Even if no additional details are provided, it would let us know that users are interested in having a specific game published.

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Great, those changes would be awesome.

In the next few days I will try to give a hand with the code. But I can’t this weekend. Btw, is your Trello board updated?


Any updated info on this. Had a look at https://lutris.net/games/tekken3/ as I added it to play, and saw you could still not edit it to add extra info