Understanding Installation Folders

Hello, so I havent found in the wiki much information about this. I just need help clarifying how Lutris and Wine work in regards to installation folders.

  1. As far as I know Lutris let´s you chose a folder where most games will be installed. Now, is this folder only subjective of native Linux games? Because when we talk about Windows games things start getting complicated.

  2. So, in my case, ive downloaded Epic Games Launcher on to my SSD, however, i´d like to install EG games on to my HDD. As far as I know, Wine Bottles are what appear as folders for Windows apps, should I then add my HDD path as a Wine Bottle so that Windows Games can be installed there? What´s the purpose then of Lutris asking me where do I want to install X game if af the end of the day its just gonna install in a Wine Bottle path?

Bottles have nothing to do with Lutris, where did you get that term from? Basically you need to read the wine wiki first to understand what is going on. Very simply, you create a wine prefix for each game and then install the game into that prefix.

Lutris is asking you where do you to install the Wine bottle containing the game.

In the Lutris settings you can set the default installation directory. You can think of this directory as your game library. When you install a game, by default Lutris will create a directory in this default installation directory. This directory can be a Wine bottle if it is a Windows game but it can also be something else. As example, for PS2 games, Lutris will create a folder containing the disk image of the game. You can choose to rename this directory or to move it somewhere else if you want. I personally prefer to have all my games in the same directory.