Unannounced Linux repository changes?

When attempting to update my Ubuntu system today, the update failed because the apt repository I’ve used for Lutris for the past year or so (http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/home:/strycore/xUbuntu_18.04) gave an invalid signature error for the repo key (EXPKEYSIG).

After a bit of google and forum searching failed to turn up any information about when the repo key would be updated, I took a look at the Download Lutris page. It now refers to an Ubuntu PPA (https://launchpad.net/~lutris-team/+archive/ubuntu/lutris) rather than the old openSUSE Build Service repo. The info page for ‘lutris-team’ shows that the account was created 3 days ago on March 23, 2019.

I wish there had been an announcement of the migration to Launchpad and a transition period to allow people to migrate their repository settings before allowing the old repo key to expire and causing system updates to fail. Since the new repo is so new, I’m uncertain whether it’s actually ready for general use yet, despite being mentioned on the Download page.

So what’s the word? Is this now the official repo for Ubuntu distributions and derivatives?

Thanks in advance for any info.

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I had the same problem today (under Ubuntu 18.10 with KDE), and now Battle.net (for Diablo III) and Overwatch simply doesn’t start, while yesterday I’ve played Overwatch with friends with no problem at all.
If it can helps, I tryed to run lutris -d, that shows a NoneType found in line 774 in /usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/lutris/runners/wine.py, while there were no running wine processes and the Stop/Play button was stuck in “Stop”. Pressing it did nothing to lutris, but in the console printed another error (“445: no wine process running” or a similar one, i forgot to copy it before closing that terminal (stupid me))

Thanks for confirming the repository error. I don’t really see how game issues could be related to the Ubuntu repositories, though. That’s likely a separate matter.

I went ahead and activated the new Lutris PPA (Personal Package Archive) on my system and successfully upgraded to the latest version there. It ran ok, so I guess the new package repository is functional enough to use (for now).

Just want to confirm the same update failure here as well with Ubuntu 18.10

From the Lutris subreddit, the announcement from the Lutris discord:

@everyone In order to upgrade Lutris to and keep receiving updates for it on Ubuntu, Pop!OS, Linux Mint and Elementary, please switch to our new Launchpad PPA: https://lutris.net/downloads/ The PGP keys in OBS repo got expired so you won’t receive any updates until you make a switch. And if you have Pop!_OS from System76, we suggest to install Lutris from Pop Store.


The packages on OBS should have been updated but there is an issue in OpenSUSE Build Service preventing the packages from syncing to the download servers.
The GPG key expiration is different, in order to keep using the OBS repo, the key has to be re-imported:

wget -q https://download.opensuse.org/repositories/home:/strycore/xUbuntu_18.04/Release.key -O- | sudo apt-key add -

(Replace 18.04 with your version)

Note that until the OBS issue is resolved, the repos still have the release.


Sorry, I thought that game launch errors was related to the update error.
Today I’ve updated the apt-key with strider wget command, and now they both works.

Thank you all!

Thanks strider. Just to confirm, is your move to the PPA for Ubuntu and derivatives permanent? Just checking before I delete the OBS repo and add the PPA. Thanks!