Unable to start Duke Nukem 3D from Lutris app, but can start it from lutris.net

Unable to start Duke Nukem 3D Atomic Edition from Lutris app, but can start it from Duke Nukem 3D - Lutris webpage, using the “Duke Nukem 3D” on Linux! Using Eduke32 open source project"'s Install button, then Launch Game.
Installed DN3DAE using the Lutris app’s installer, then followed that with the “Play “Duke Nukem 3D” on Linux! using Eduke32 open source project” modification. Game would not run with just the lutris app’s installation; I had to run the Eduke installer as well.
When I try to run DN3DAE from the lutris app, the app goes away for a few seconds, then comes back to the same spot. No sign of the game running anywhere.
Can I change the Lutris app’s config of starting Duke with “start.sh” to something that will work the same as the web app? And if so, what is the command to use?

Hello, I’m the author of the Duke Nukem 3D Lutris scripts installer.
I understand that you own “Duke Nukem 3D Atomic Edition”, so when you will install Duke Nukem 3D with Lutris, you will need to provide DUKE3D.GRP file from your actual “Duke Nukem 3D Atomic Edition” install.
Does it work this way?
Where did you buy “Duke Nukem 3D Atomic Edition”? GOG? Steam?

Hello legloundunet. Thanks for replying.

I got my copy of Duke Nukem 3D Atomic Edition from GOG.

A little background, this setup was working before on my Ubuntu 22.04 system. Recently I repaved it with Debian 12.5, so that much has changed on my end.

If I start from scratch with the Lutris installer, DN3D will not run. But if I run the “EDuke32 version” from the lutris websight, and specify the DUKE3D.GRP file’s path when asked, then I still can’t run DN3D from the Lutris app, but if I try to run it from the Duke Nukem 3D - Lutris site where I got the EDuke32 version installer, then I get a popup on the site that allows me to sucessfully start DN3D there. The game runs fine after that.

So it’s a minor inconvenience, although a strange one.

I hope this helps with your investigation.