Unable to set custom wine version to Proton Experimental for BeamMP

(I hope i did pastebin right, it’s my first time)
I’m currently trying to get BeamMP (Multiplayer mod for BeamNG.drive) running on Linux Mint through Lutris following [this guide](gist github com/Razuuu/c4d6f4eed43541416f6e54d76eae1070), but I am stuck at this part:

Option for the starter

Wineversion: Proton - Experimental

I set Wine version (under “Runner Options”) to custom and then set Custom wine executable to “/home/bob/.steam/steam/steamapps/common/Proton - Experimental” Did I do it right? I press launch on the game in Lutris and then the launch button changes to “Launching…” but never actually does anything. To be clear, the only two options under Wine Version are Wine and Custom. This is also my first time using Lutris, so i don’t have a great idea of what i’m doing.