Unable to log in to Ubisoft Connect on the left

I successfully installed Ubisoft Connect and logged in. However, when I try to log in to Ubisoft Connect on the left, I keep getting stuck.

Here’s my screenshot.

lutris --submit-issue

lutris -d

Seems like you have problems with NVidia Drivers

ERROR    2023-10-22 18:27:48,012 [nvidia.get_nvidia_glx_path:42]:Unable to load libGLX_nvidia.so.0

Try installing proprietary nvidia drivers on your system

It is quite strange that login page doesnt load because of graphics card drivers but that is only issue i found

Also, check your internet connection and try visiting Ubisoft login page from your browser and see if it works normally

Consider trying to use a VPN or connecting to another network also

Hope it helps!