Unable to install Divinity 2 develope's cut because it's 32 bit

Hi, it’s the first time I try to modify an installer, so forgive me for any ingenuity.
The current installer of Divinity 2 developer’s cut (through GOG) is set to win64, but the game is 32bit.
I successfully installed it through PortingKit on Mac, but I am having issues to install it with Lutris.
I tried to modify the installer via web, and to click it to install with the modified YAML, but it always fails with error 256.
I have to manually cancel the install at that point.

So I have 2 questions so far:

  • is the procedure to test the modified YAML correct?
  • how can I find out the real error which generates code 256? If I manually run the command mentioned before the error (adding a custom WINEPREFIX and quoting the strings to avoid shell errors)), it correctly runs the installer

I tried both 0.5.11 and 0.5.12 (under PopOs!)

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