Unable to import existing Steam games on Ubuntu

I’m currently trying to get Lutris working with my existing Steam installation which has a number of games already installed. I’ve been able to get Lutris to see the contents of my Steam library but struggling to get Lutris to either make use of games already installed or install new games. If I attempt to install a game through Steam, it gets stuck at the Installing game data step - no matter what the state of the Steam installation is. Lutris is able to trigger the installation, and trigger the uninstallation, in Steam correctly.

I guess there’s probably something wrong with the installation folder for Steam within Lutris, as mine is on a separate disk from my home folder - what value should it be?

I also note that I’m unable to import any games for Steam from the Import games section - is this normal or a symptom of something else?

I’m running Ubuntu 19.10 with Lutris 0.5.4 installed through PPA. Running lutris -d doesn’t really show anything interesting:

DEBUG    2019-12-17 18:45:28,872 [interpreter.fetch_script:54]:Fetching installer https://lutris.net/api/installers/limbo
DEBUG    2019-12-17 18:45:28,873 [http.get:65]:GET https://lutris.net/api/installers/limbo
DEBUG    2019-12-17 18:45:31,670 [interpreter.check_runner_install:448]:Required runners: [<lutris.runners.steam.steam object at 0x7f899096eb50>]
DEBUG    2019-12-17 18:45:31,678 [interpreter._iter_commands:573]:Installer command: install_steam_game
INFO     2019-12-17 18:45:31,681 [steam.get_game_path_from_appid:237]:Data path for SteamApp 48000 not found.
DEBUG    2019-12-17 18:45:31,681 [interpreter.install_steam_game:810]:Installing steam game 48000
DEBUG    2019-12-17 18:45:31,685 [steam.install_game:277]:Installing steam game 48000
Running Steam on ubuntu 19.10 64-bit
STEAM_RUNTIME is enabled automatically
Pins up-to-date!
/home/wjam/.steam/ubuntu12_32/steam steam://install/48000
INFO     2019-12-17 18:47:20,593 [interpreter.revert:741]:Cancelling installation of LIMBO