Unable to get Wizardry 8 installed

I’m having a problem with installing Wizardry 8. I’ve tried installing from the Lutis client, and from the site using the install button from the site. Neither seem to work.

If I’ve done this correctly, my debut log is here:

The gist of the errors here seem to be that the installer cannot install the DLL’s needed for the game. The log shows that the dll’s cannot be found.

I’ve downloaded the .exe installer from GOG but haven’t tried installing it with Wine yet. i was hoping to keep it all within the Lutris application.

I have also tried using Winetricks to install vcrun6 manually which is the last error that shows up in the log using the steps here but that didn’t seem to help.

Any suggestions on what to try next?

UPDATE: I was able to install using Wine, and it launches, AND was able to get it working within Lutris under my GOG account, but it doesn’t sync the game. I’ve played it in the past and it always syncs the game progress, but the saves are not showing up.

Eric the Grey