Ultima V: Warriors of Destiny freeze after main menu

I used the Lutris script to install Ultima V from GOG, and it installs fine but then when I launch the game there’s no music, and selecting something in the menu like the Character Creation option just has the menu move offscreen and it stays black until I close it. Wondering if anyone used that provided script or had to change something to get it going.

just tried it without issues fwiw. the game runs the windows version of dosbox through wine. You could try installing the lutris dosbox runner, swich the runner in the game config to dosbox and under game options change main file to /home/<path to game>/gog/ultima-v/drive_c/GOG Games/Ultima 5/ULTIMA.EXE and Configuration file to /home/<path to game>/gog/ultima-v/drive_c/GOG Games/Ultima 5/dosboxULTIMA5.conf
Just tried this too, and ran without problem.

I’ve gotten the other Ultima’s to install and run just fine, only Ultima 5 is giving me issues. Did you provide the same “setup_ultima_v_-warriors_of_destiny_1.0_cs(28045).exe” file to the Lutris installer off GOG that I am? I’ve launched the DOSBOX.exe file with wine in the terminal and tested the audio and it plays there, so minus having a different install file I’m not seeing how this is the only one to give me problems from Ultima 1-7 through lutris.

I just installed with the Lutris GOG install script, so should be the same.

@Cleverness did you ever get this working? I’m having a similar issue.