Ultima Online Outlands

Hey all, I made a change to get the installer working again.
It’s being moderated. I tested it and it worked perfectly.
Important: The game login window will open but you need to close it first. Then you need to close the UOO installer which will be minimized usually. The dialog window has to be closed before the installation will complete.
Then you can open the game again and play.

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Not sure how long it takes to moderate…
To fix this change name: dotnet5 to name: wineexec

  • task:
    description: Install dotnet5 desktop runtime
    executable: dotnet
    name: winexec
    prefix: $GAMEDIR

To get the latest update to work.

Go to configure for your Outlands install

Change runner to “lutris-GE-Proton7-33-x86_64”
Under DLL overrides add “tabtip.exe” under key and “d” under value.