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[Ubuntu][I of the Dragon][NVidia] Only black screen but sound and keyboard seem OK

Hi all,

This is my first help request, so I hope I’ll do it good ^-^

I’ve installed IotD from GOG on my Ubuntu box (20.04 LTS fully updated), install seems to run OK, but when running it, there’s only a black screen, but sound seems OK and the game seems to react from keyboard, that is, it advances from the intro music into main screen one when I type Esc.

The logs are in the following files :

My guess is, that it is something related to 32/64bits executables and object files, as it keeps complaining about an ELFCLASS64…

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make sure you have everything you need installed and all it up to dated.

sudo apt update
sudo apt dist-upgrade
sudo apt install wine
sudo apt install dxvk
sudo apt install winetricks
sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386
sudo apt install lib32z1

Thanks kibasnowpaw,

I checked your steps, only two were missing : dxvk and lib32z1, all the others were OK.

Then I tried but same apparent result. Given current time, I’ll not be able to seriously output debug info and compare them to the previous ones, or to test after rebooting, I’ll leave that for tomorrow morning and I’ll tell you if I find something…

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Hi all,

Finally couldn’t resist, so at least I rebooted and retried, to no avail. Now I say good night everybody and will be back on tomorrow for logs check. I took a quick look, however, and it seemed quite like those I posted.

try to check if Gstreamers is uptodate

Hi @kibasnowpaw,

Thanks, I checked and gStreamer seems to be up-to-date, but the command given in the link installs many other things. I don’t know if they’re dependencies, but I’d rather think they’re for people who develop using gStreamer, which is not my case. However, I let the command run and I’ll see if it fixes the issue…

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Hi all, hi @kibasnowpaw,

Seemingly same issue, multiple messages that look the same.

However, I got 3 afterthoughts :slight_smile:

  • I’ll later check the logs more thoroughly and see if they’re actually the same errors or just similar-looking;
  • Didn’t reboot, so I can’t be 100% sure, but I won’t have the time just now, I’ll check later;
  • Is it required to uninstall then reinstall IoTD after updating the system ?

Anyway, thanks for the hints ! I also checked the same kind of issues on the internet, but to no avail. Hope one day it’ll work ^-^

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