Ubunto or Not?

Hi everyone,

I’m new on linux desktop but I manage server with Debian for years now.
Since the last week I have switched to linux.

As I work with Debian I have installed a Debian 9 with XFCE.
It’s work fine with native linux game, even Starcraft 2 work fine.

But Debian don’t have the last drivers or application, and in gaming this can cause some trouble.

Should I switch to Xubuntu to be able to use those repository (ppa: graphics-drivers) ?
Now that Steam will include wine, maybe it will be better for me to switch on (X)Ubuntu to have less trouble with Windows Games.

What do you think about that ?

Ubuntu (or a flavour thereof) may be a good way to go to try with newer drivers. That said, they are still generally behind since they too work on a biyearly release cycle. Depending on your level of comfort, you may want to try something like Fedora (or even Arch) since these are more bleeding edge in terms of updates.

Try Fedora use RPMFusion for drivers for me work perfect,… im on KDE :slight_smile:

Manjaro ! It installs automatic all drivers you needed free or non free. I use manjaro kde since 3 years without any issue and you have allways the newest software without any of this ppa…
when you miss a software in the Repos use the AUR.
and you have all desktop envoriments aviable like Plasma5 (kde),xfce, gnome, lumina, deepin, mate, cinamon ,…

What i can say is Test it.
btw Steam is pre installed and with steams proton games workin realy nice oh and proton can you easy inatall from the aur without compile it self what you need is install trizen (pacman -S trizen) from the repo and than
trizen -S proton

An anable it in steam options under steam play


Prefer Fedora, but since most native games are supported on Ubuntu I decided to switch – currently on 18.04 LTS with latest graphics drivers the graphics ppa is up to date.
Windows games using wine work well enough.

Thx all for your answers :slight_smile:

I’m not really good with Fedora or other distributions.
I’m fine with Debian / Ubuntu I prefer to stay on what I know :slight_smile:

I will try xubuntu to be able to use Steam Play without too much trouble and see how my games runs with that.

To be honest, I was really fine with Debian, but installing the lastest drivers will complicate…
And I need those to be able to play those stupid windows game :frowning:

But I will take a look at others distro when I will have time for that.
I work with Debian for years without looking at other distro.

Welcome to the club Sich :slight_smile:

I personally got also stuck on Manjaro. You get the latest software avaiable and as mentioned before you can always draw missing packages from the AUR. Manjaro is to Arch a little bit like Mint is to Ubuntu.

I started with Linux with Ubuntu 12.04 and learned the most basic things first having no Linux experience at all. As you are a Debian server admin you should feel right at home there. PPAs can be used with any Ubuntu derivative, best added thorugh the terminal. As time went by I wasn’t able to find PPAs for some particular pieces of software or they weren’t updated for the next version of Ubuntu rendering them unsusable after an upgrade. That’s the reason I switched to Manjaro somewhere around the start of 2015. Arch is nice, but a little too technical for my taste, which is what Manjaro circumvents with userfriendliness. I installed Arch on my netbook (Asus EeePC 1000H) and it took me a couple of hours with the installation guide, but I couldn’t get some things working correctly. This is where Manjaro just worked out of the box like Ubuntu does with the difference of not having to upgrade every 2 or 4 years.

As for the package management in Manjaro it’s ‘pacman -S *’ instead of ‘apt-get install *’, but that’s not too much of a problem. The pamac GUI is easy to use and not as cluttered as synaptic or the Ubuntu Software Center, though I prefer the command line. :slight_smile:

As for the desktop itself, it’s more a matter of taste. As far as I’m aware the barely a performance difference between the major ones (Gnome, XFCE, LXDE, KDE). Personally I run XFCE for the versatility, usability and panel plguins. Though the XFCE compositor is meh at best. I use compton with the config found at the very bottom here on LGC’s site: https://linuxgamecast.com/2018/05/linuxgamecast-weekly-301-giggletron-9000/
It should work on any system flawlessly, but just in case you still have a little stutter or it’s not smooth, edit the ~/.config/compton.conf file and change glx-swap-method from “0” to anything from 2 to 6. 1 (copy) caused a flickering desktop for me on NVidia.

So much for “Yeah, go with Manjaro!” in a little more than 2 or 3 sentences… :smiley:

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Hum, I really should take a look at Manjaro.
Maybe I will start with my laptop and check how this system work.

I never installed Arch I really don’t know how this can work.

But having “permanent” update can be interesting on the client side (absolutly not for servers).

About KDE / Gnome / … I’m really fine with XFCE. I search something light…

I will dig more about manjaro, but I have to learn how this can work.

Thx all for your reply :slight_smile:

I have check for some information.
Apparently Lutris need the AUR repos, but using the AUR repos is not recommended.

Do we have the same thing like add architecture i386 ?
As we need that for wine and probably steam.

Installing packages from the AUR is pretty much as recommended as adding custom PPAs within Debian based Distros.

I have Lutris installed from the AUR on multiple Devices. It works flawlessly.

I’ve switched from Linux Mint to Manjaro about 3 months ago and i’ve not even considered going back once. I highly recommend checking it out.


ok thx for the answers.
Yes for what I have read this is a good distro for a desktop.
If I have time maybe I will reinstall (again) my system this week end.

Well, I have switch to Manjaro this morning.
Will see in time how this work.

At least State of Decay work “out of the box” with Steam Play now.


Sooo… How’s it going then? Feeling comfty? :slight_smile:

Yeah fine, I’m using Manjaro now and it’s ok atm.
I barely restart on Windows, and just to play few games that doesn’t run on Linux.

Debian can use new drivers but you have to add contrib and non-free to the repositories, and install them manually

Correction. You can get recent kernel and graphics drivers even on the LTS versions of Ubuntu.

Activate the Hardware Enablement Stack:

I have been gaming on Ubuntu for many years. And it is the first and main distro that Steam and Linux versions get tested on by Valve etc…