Ubisoft connect asks for password prior to game launch


I have ubisoft connect installed using proton-ge latest and have successfully logged into my account. I’m using a Steam deck for reference.

I have two games installed, South park: the fractured but whole and trials fusion. I have added both games to Steam via the lutris “add to Steam” button. I launch both games in steams game mode.

South park launches fine and ubisoft connect logs in, checks for updates/cloud saves then launches into the game.

Trials fusion however doesn’t fair so well. It launches ubisoft connect, says initialising, then logging in and then it shows the login window (with the background invisible) and wants me to enter my password. Every single time.

Even if I enter the password once, the next launch of the game asks for it again.

Both games have the same lutris configuration and are using the same proton version (ubisoft connect is using the same proton version too).

What gives? I’d prefer not to use offline mode (unless you can boot into that mode for a specific game only?), as I make use of cloud saves.

Any ideas?
Thank you.