Twitch App "File does not exist" when trying to add World of Warcraft

When navigating though the file system I get this error. Though when letting it auto scan It found my old installation in the root/World of Warcraft/ of a NTFS drive. I’m running Manjaro stable on 4.18 Kernel.

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Someone got it working by symlinking the wow folder to twitch.

ln -s /path/to/wowfolder path/to/twitch

Twitch App works now? Last time I tried it was hung on .NET install.

I had this, and almost lost my mind trying to figure it out. Wine “explorer” does not choose folder you are currently in, it chooses one you currently selected. Go up one level, select WoW folder and click “Open” (don’t open it, click the button bellow).

man… if you’d be somewhere around I’d treat you a beer ) thnx

That looks familiar! Hehe, This is how I got it to work, soon as you enter it. Twitch should immediately pick up on your addons.