Tukui Issues on manjaro?

Howdy. Relatively new to gaming on Linux, but relatively quick to learn and eager.

Here’s the issue I’m having. WoW is my main game, and along with that I like to use both twitch and tukui clients to manage addons. On other distros I’ve been able to run both smoothly however, with Manjaro specifically, i’ve been having issues with Tukui Client. It installs fine, launches fine to an extent, but after I follow the tree to my WoW directory and get the login screen, upon logging in, it crashes. Sometimes i get the main client screen to pop up for a second, others it just quits outright.

Now, I have been able to catch glimpses of said crash, and I did manage to download an error report which I am more than willing to post here if someone thinks that they could decipher it and it would be helpful. Just kind of seeing if anyone else is having a similar issue and might know the cause.

Thanks in advance, and glad to be here!