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Trying to submit installers for Starsiege: Tribes (Tribes 1)

Hello everybody,
I’ve been working on a couple installers for Starsiege: Tribes (Tribes 1) for Lutris using the Wine runtime, downloading from ModDB, but I probably have messed up the submissions to lutris dot net. These are my first contributions ever on here.

I’ve submitted for moderation too soon and have since edited the scripts but they still show an older version when “View install script”, so I’m not sure which version is going to be reviewed… also the pending reviews don’t show up in my profile and I don’t know what’s up with that…

FWIW the working scripts are also available at karthanistyr/lutris-installers: Lutris installer scripts for various games - lutris-installers - if that’s of any interest.

Can I have some feedback wrt the submissions’ standing on lutris dot net and whether I need to address any issue ?

Game page for reference: Starsiege: Tribes - Lutris (installers are “unpublished”)