Trying to play HOTS but it asks me for 64-bit system. I have it!


I am trying to install HOTS by Blizzard. I was able to install but I cannot install the game itself. It says ‘A 64-bit operating system is required to install and play Heroes of the Storm’.

What should I do to be able to play this game? Would be grateful for any help!

My OS is 64-bit Solus.

But is the wine prefix? Can you share your logs (have it fail loading and then go to the lutris window -> Game -> Last Game’s Log).

One time I got nothing and the next time I got this:

wine: cannot find L"C:\windows\system32\winemenubuilder.exe"

Also, before you answered I tried deleting wine and Lutris and their folders and installing it again. It didn’t work - the game still says it requires a 64-bit system, but also I get a message to install wine every time I am launching from Lutris. Even though wine is installed.

How did you install HoTS?

I haven’t. That’s the problem. I went to Lutris’ site, found HOTS, clicked install. It installed, and when I try installing HOTS via, it asks for a 64-bit system.

Jeez, haven’t gotten such problems in a while. Already starting to think I will need to become a dual-booter again.

Hmm, not sure. Without saying if the prefix is 32bit or 64 (kinda important) i have to guess its not. Could try using the experimental all in one installer here:

I have been using it for some time. Works great. For best performance, ensure you go over the esync setup guide to enable esync. Notable performance boost.

Also, with this installer, you will need vulkan setup. Refer to your distro for how to do it for your gpu (usually just a few packages, if that).

Thank you for your answer, schotty.

Unfortunately, I got the same results installing battlenet from the link you gave me - it asks for a 64-bit version of the os.

I checked the prefix in the configuration and it’s 64-bit.

Probably will have to ask at Solus forums.

Jeez, just want to play HOTS a little bit. Blizzard not supporting Linux is just frustrating.

Ok. Is this a 64 bit install of Solus?

Sorry you are running into issues man. Shouldn’t be this hard.

Yes, I double checked and I have a 64-bit install.

It’s ok. I’ll manage somehow. Thank you for your help! Hope to solve that issue soon without the need to install Windows.

Then the last thing i can think of missing would be a needed system package that bnet or a game would need. With wine, you need both 32 & 64 bit versions of libraries. Usually its the other way around – the 64 bit one is present, but not the 32 bit one causing issues on 32bit prefixes.

Offhand (@work right now), I know winbind is needed. So perhaps try installing BOTH 32 & 64 bit winbind. I have found that using the Crossover wine (tge commercial wine port) dependency guide works great for eliminating issues like this. But i looked and Solus isn’t listed ( Ill look later once I’m off work and back home.