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Trying to get Wine-GE to run a game in lutris

so ive been having a heck of a time trying to play ghostwire on the deck, and i read on a DB that i need wine GE in lutris to run it which is fine, but how in the heck do i actually get wine-ge? i have lutris GE but that doesnt work, any help would be greatly appreciated

don’t get wine/lutris GE. Use the tool ProtonUp:
GitHub - DavidoTek/ProtonUp-Qt: Install and manage Proton-GE and Luxtorpeda for Steam and Wine-GE for Lutris with this graphical user interface. Based on AUNaseef's ProtonUp, made with Python 3 and Qt 6.
this will simplify your life!

hello, yes i have proton qt and literally just discoverd it was here, and i would avoid getting wine ge, but i can’t make ghostwire run any other way.

sory… lost in translation…
i meant you shouldn’t build wine GE from scratch and use protonUp, not that you shouldn’t use it. :rofl:

i grabbed it from protonup, but apparently lutris ge is wine ge, had no idea, and i stil couldnt get it to work.