Trying to create install script, how do you extract tar.gz?

I’m currently trying to create a script for the game Toontown Rewritten which have a native linux client. The problem is the installation file come in a tar.gz file. How do you extract it and put the extracted files in $AMEDIR ?

Here is my current installation script.


tar -zx(v)f TTRLinux-v1.2.3.tar.gz (the -v is for verbose)

off the top of my head…
-z for .tgz (tar.gz)
-j for .bz2
-J for .txz (.tar.xz)

Yea, not really the answer I’m looking for, but thank for the reply. What I want is the command to extract it with my YAML script and then put the content of it inside my $GAMEDIR directory.

lol Sorry.
I haven’t gotten that far, myself, yet… :frowning:

Your installer is wrong but it still doesn’t extract when I fix it.

You need to specify the file id under the files section. Like this:

  exe: Launcher
- extract:
    dst: $GAMEDIR
    file: client

Also don’t set a prefix that’s only used for Wine/WineSteam games.