Trouble installing Blizzard App/World of Warcraft on Gentoo

Hello everyone,

I’ve been trying for days now installing WoW with Lutris on Gentoo. At this point I can practically recite the wiki by heart as what little Gentoo specific information I could find I tried. My error is (We’re having trouble launching the Blizzard Update Agent)[], wiki says missing nvidia or mesa 32bit libraries, except I specifically emerged nvidia, mesa and vulkan-loader with 32bit/multilib support, yet it doesn’t get past this stage. Like the wiki says I also emerged gnutls libgpg-error sqlite (although they were already merged in by other packages), as well as any wine library I can think of so I don’t know what it could be!

If anyone here is using Gentoo and has installed WoW with Lutris I’d be grateful to know your USEflags for the important modules and/or what you did to get it working.


Just to make sure: you have ensured these libraries actually work on your system, and your system is a multilib install, right?

I’m not sure how to verify this but I did set the 32bit flags 100% sure.

Hello! I had the same problem too. I got it working by installing app-crypt/p11-kit and dev-libs/libgcrypt-compat. Let me know if that works!

~ Tina