Trouble for install EA App (again..)

I had EA App installed on Lutris and everything worked fine until it stopped working overnight. I finally uninstalled everything (lutris and EA App) and reinstalled. But when I try to install EA App I get this error message:
TypeError(“wineexec() got an unexpected keyword argument ‘return_code’”)

Can anyone help me with this problem?


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Read the pinned message and get the debug output…

Hi jhu
You mean this?

parra@parra-desktop:~$ lutris -d
2023-10-25 11:42:54,302: Starting Lutris
2023-10-25 11:42:54,451: No cores found
2023-10-25 11:42:54,800: Failed to get runtimes: HTTP Error 426: Upgrade Required
2023-10-25 11:42:55,502: Startup complete
INFO 2023-10-25 11:42:55,504 [startup.check_driver:61]:Running Intel Mesa driver 23.0.4 on Mesa Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000 (IVB GT2) (0x162)
INFO 2023-10-25 11:42:55,505 [startup.check_driver:73]:GPU: 8086:0162 1849:0162 (i915 drivers)
MESA-INTEL: warning: Ivy Bridge Vulkan support is incomplete
DEBUG 2023-10-25 11:42:56,155 [lutriswindow.update_store:451]:Showing 1 games

HTTP Error 426: Upgrade Required

Seems you need to Upgrade… check downloads - if Ubuntu, go to the location of the downloaded file and run:

sudo apt install ./full_name_download.deb

If Mint, right click-> Open with gdebi

Yes. I’ve done it. Just now the installation stop on “Exit with return code 768” then a window say that the path of the executable is not found…

Actually I fixed the problem. I had saved the complete folder from my previous EA installation. I reinstalled it manually and it works.


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That is the good thing about Linux :slight_smile: