TreeModelSort messed me up?

So I’m not sure what happened but yesterday evening I was going to try to fire up Lutris to add some games from Steam and in the process could not get the TreeModelSort working properly and Lutris wouldn’t launch. I changed TreeModelSort to remove the sort_new_with_model and change to just new_with_model per . Ever since I did this I can not get FFXIV to read from the FFXIV.cfg file, and I can’t connect to my datacenter. Every time I start the game up it resets to default configuration.

I have tried to change the TreeModelSort back to the original value but it still will not work/write changes to the config file.

Update: I updated lutris using apt and it put the patch file in there but I’m still having the issue. Wondering if it has something to do with trying to get some Steam games working?
I have validated that it can not read/write to My Games folder under ~/Documents by deleting everything in it and seeing if it could re-write to it.

All attributes are rw / rw / r - and it’s owned by my user which Lutris runs. So I don’t think it’s permissions related.

Any ideas or should I just blast out Lutris and re-install?

Figured it out. Something changed the sandboxing settings.