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Trackmania Sunrise eXtreme community-installer always hanging with "Source does not exist"-error at the end of the installation

Hello everyone,

when I’m trying to install Trackmania Sunrise eXtreme with the lutris[dot]net-community-installer you can find when you search for the game on lutris[dot]net I always get a “Source not found”-error at I think the final step of the installation-process (the step where it is supposed to extract the attached zip-file) leading to the installer hanging and needing to be cancelled.

You can find my lutris.log file here and my submit-issue-file here.

First a correction: the error is actually called “Source does not exist”.

Second: after looking closer at the lutris.log-file I found two additional errors:

010c:err:process:exec_process L"F:\\[my username]\\.cache\\lutris\\installer\\trackmania-sunrise-extreme\\extreme\\extreme.exe" not supported on this system
0114:err:process:exec_process L"F:\\[my username]\\.cache\\lutris\\installer\\trackmania-sunrise-extreme\\update\\update.exe" not supported on this system

Could the problem also be related to these two errors?

Ok, I managed to get the game running by manually installing it by first installing the game from the iso then installing the extreme-patch, then the 1.5-to-1.5.1-patch and then manually extracting the zip-file, renaming the extracted “TMSUNRISE.EXE” to “TmSunrise.exe” and then replacing the data in the game-directory with the data found in the zip-file as root-user.

I now think there might be two problems with the community-installer. 1st: it seemingly only installs the game itself and doesn’t install the two patches and 2nd: it seemingly can’t replace the data in the game-directory with the data from the zip-file.

Also if you are getting low graphics quality no matter how high you set the graphics settings then you need to increase videomemorysize by using:

WINEPREFIX=/path/to/your/TrackmaniaSunrise/pfx winetricks videomemorysize=2048

Or a lower or higher setting depending on your graphics-card.

I’m thinking about marking this thread “solved” though considering I actually didn’t solve the problems with the community-installer itself and instead installed Trackmania Sunrise eXtreme manually I’m not sure if this issue can be considered “solved”.