Tomb Raider (Lutris/Steam) sounds not working

I installed Tomb Raider (2013) through Lutris. Sounds work in the beginning of game but when I start playing there are no more sounds.

I am in Ubuntu 19.10, Vega 64. Tried with bluetooth headphones and tv through hdmi.

How can I troubleshoot sounds in Tomb Raider?

I see many report about audio issues with Tomb Raider games when I search with the term “tomb raider sound fails”. This happens on Windows too.

You are using a head set. You could take a look at you audio settings to see whether it is set to stereo and not surround.

Other thing which pops up are maybe power settings. But that is a long shot.

Some specifications will generally help. System information, are you using the Linux native version of the game, that kind of stuff.

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I solved this partially by using corded headphones. Sounds work with them. There is still problem with hdmi and bluetooth, but I can manage with this solution.