Tom Clancy's The Division (UbisoftConnect) Issue

CPU: intel core i3-9100F
Memory: Crucial 8GB DDR4
OS: Manjaro KDE Plasma (Linux 5.14)

Hello I’m a Linux noob. I’m actually trying to play The Division (2016) on Lutris. Everytime I’m trying to launch the game it’s coming up with Windowed mode, Black Screen then automatically quitting itself. Please help !!

(I’m actually installed that game on another partition, mounted it on /media directory with read-write permission. Recently tried Witcher 3 steam, working perfectly fine)

hi there,

I’m not sure, if this helps, however I have/had similar issue. The strange thing, that I was able to run the game a few weeks ago with the following settings:
wine version : lutris-6.0-x86_64
dxvk version : v1.7.1L

The sad thing is, since then I have the issue again, but don’t know the reason yet. At least you should give it a try.

I can confirm, at least on my side, it is working with the following method:
Install Ubisoft Connect via lutris. Login, and install the game. Exit from UC. In lutris, go to UC configure, and set under the runner options:
Wine version : lutris-6.0-x86_64
DXVK version : v1.7.1L

Start UC again. Maybe you should wait a bit, but if the login screen appears, then you are ok.