Titltes in GoG Library but not installable

Hi all am very new to Lutris and Wine. I have successfully been able to install one title from my GoG library via Lutris but I’ve found that many don’t appear with GoG as a source to install. Example, Darkstone on the Games page of Lutris shows get it from Steam and GoG. I have the GoG version but when I search within Lutris client to install the only options I get to install are Groupees and Steam.

As a secondary, I have found many of the titles in my GoG library are in the same boat – no means to install them. If I have the offline installers is there a way that I can install them within Lutris?



Lutris is a community project, it means you can contribute to the project.
You won’t find every installer you will need, but you will be able to make yourself (almost) every installer you will need.
The best way to start IMO is to study the already working installers and then reuse them to make new installers changing the parts we need to modify.
I am not a coder but using that way I already wrote working installers for five games and their patches and mods.


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Checked Lutris game page - there is no Lutris installer script for GOG version yet, as you can see. You can write GOG-installer by yourself, or wait until it did someone else.

Ok that makes sense and thanks for the input. I haven’t searched yet but other than looking at examples has someone posted a guide of sorts?