Tips to get World of Warplanes running on Linux

I have been able to get the game up and running by using Steams Proton 4.2 and copying over the Wine bottle/config from World of Warships from Lutris, I have let the game set auto graphics settings and then set “Post effect quality” to LOW.

I have also set in Lutris/Wine “Runner Options” -> “The path to the game’s, for x360ce support” to " the path where “WorldOfWarplanes.exe” is installed , without it the keyboard was not working, this is the only setting that is different from the Lutris World of Warships config.

EDIT: I have no clue what is going on anymore, because after turning certain x360ce support options on & off, the next time I start the game, after the keyboard seems to be working, it stops working the next time, I have no clue what is going on here :frowning: , also it seems extremely random when the keyboard does work suddenly, cause trying to reproduce the steps the next time it simply no longer works.

Still the game is playable only with the mouse, by using mouse buttons for all tasks, but obviously u cant just set everything through the mouse.

Today WG did some sort of patch that took weird rendering of black stuff top & bottom of the screen, the game is running great at the moment :smiley:

I wanted to add this comment directly to the stub WoWP Lutris unfinished game installer for the game, but I got an error, so I’m posting this here in the forum, maybe this will help other people playing the game on Linux :slight_smile: