Tibia doesnt run after add to Lutris Library

Hello there, friends of Lutris! I’m new to linux and i’m facing a problem with Tibia on Lutris…
Every time i add the game to Lutris library the installation crashes… If i download the official website version and simply extract and run, it works but when i add the current installation to Lutris Library and run, it doesnt work anymore even if a try run it out of lutris. Then i need to remove current installation, reboot machine and install the game again, and if i try run trough Lutris it crashes again. (It doesnt work download and install by lutris too).
Now, i know i can play Tibia without Lutris but i really wish solve this to keep my games organized.
-d is here
Obs: I didnt unterstood what i should do with the json file.
Obs2: Sorry for my poor english.