Thief Gold suggestion script change


I am relatively new to gaming on linux, but I was playing The orginal thief gold (Steam). And I wasn’t happy with the sound quality. There was to much popping and crackling.

I did eventually fix it and even got OpenAL to work.

This is a list of things i did not sure if all steps are needed,

  1. installed the Tfix for thief.
  2. winetricks d3d9_?? and vc 2008 (These are Tfix requirments)
  3. install the openal driver within the virtual desktop

At this point the above didn’t make any difference to the sound quality. It wasn’t unitl I set the prefix architecture to 32bit then the audio was much improved and EAX was no longer greyed out in the games audio setup page.

I hope this helps someone out.

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How did you install Tfix? It wouldn’t work for me because I can’t point it to the game installation folder. It’s looking for a Windows format folder structure (C:/games/thief) and won’t accept or even let me access the Linux folder structures.

Even when I copied Tfix to the actual Thief install folder it still wants a Windows folder when I run it.

I have the SOLUTION and it WORKS! At least on my system, anyway.

In Steam, right click on Thief Gold in your library and select ‘Properties,’ then ‘Local Files,’ then 'Browse Local Files". COPY EVERYTHING in the folder that holds all the Thief game files. PASTE them into a folder you create somewhere in your WINE C:\ drive. Then run the Tfix. I copied Tfix directly into that folder. When it asks for the location of the Thief game files, select the folder you created in your WINE C:\ drive that you pasted into and let Tfix do its thing.

THEN after Tfix finishes, DELETE everything in the STEAM Thief game files folder, and PASTE the contents from the Tfix’ed WINE C:\ drive folder back over into the now empty Steam Thief game files folder.

Voila! It’s fixed. Click on play and it should now run.

You can then delete the folder you created in your WINE C:\ drive where you Tfix’ed the files as they are no longer needed. Or Zip them and save them as it appears the game will also now run directly in WINE, which makes re-inallation in the future easier. Just unzip 'em into a WINE C:\ folder and you should be good to go.