Thief Gold and The Metal Age cutscenes not loading

I’ve installed the GOG versions of both games, and while both work- and so give no errors- neither will play cutscenes, simply flickering briefly before loading to the main menu; hitting the “intro” button, which should replay it, simply gives another flicker, then it’s back to the menu. I’ve heard of modern Windows versions having the same problem, but of course, any fixes wouldn’t apply here. Anyone know of a fix?

Use Winetricks via Lutris to install Indeo codecs. You are missing is certain codecs for the videos files to play. That’s most likely the issue.

Also, don’t use Proton or the latest version of WINE. No need for these games that need legacy support. I’m just using regular WINE (lutris-6.10-6x86_64) for both games. In fact, I use that specific version for the majority of my Windows games.

Source: I play both Thief Gold and Metal Age too. Very fun games to this day. :smile:

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Okay, thanks for the advice. Um, in the name of having mercy on a recent Windows immigrant, are there any guides on how, specifically, to do that?

Okay, I think I’ve got the basics. Do you know which specific codecs are required?

You shouldn’t need any codecs update thief to use the “new dark” engine. How long ago did you download Thief from Gog? They should have new dark enabled by default, Wine-ge is the better wine version too

About an hour before I made that post.

And it’s telling me “no updates found”, nor are any listed on GOG.

I run them with wine-ge using GoGs downloaded version and straight from the disk and either way works. I don’t run them through lutris just straight wine-ge as it has a lot of fixes in it that standard wine doesn’t GitHub - GloriousEggroll/wine-ge-custom: My custom build of wine, made to use with lutris. Built with lutris's buildbot.