The Witcher 3 - Wild Hunt GOTY Unable to play with DXVK

Hello, i am a new user so i can only post two links. all image links (from imgur) will be on top of the pastebin provided below. Also, the log from terminal running Lutris and TW3 too


Hello fellow Linux Users. I am using Lutris to play lots of games (Magic Arena, Divinity Original Sin 2, Ace Combat 7, Cuphead and even CEMU is working great!) and all of them i am feeling like 100%, not a single thing to talk bad.

But about The Witcher 3, what a pain it is for me!
First of all:
Ubuntu 19.04 Kernel 5.0.0-13-generic
i7 7700k
NVIDIA GTX 1070 Using NVIDIA drivers 418.56 for x86_64, Vulkan is supported
16gb ram

Bear in mind i did not, for any of those games, installed via script. i did yes looked at those scripts and got information which i used to add on Lutris. as example here is the CEMU config

About TW3, what i have tried:
From a full vanilla Lutris / Wine, i can open the game and until it actually loads GERALD all seems fine, but i get like 10~15FPS and since NVIDIA HAIRWORKS are on, Geralt hair, the horse hair and stuff is all messed up.
When i install dxvk from github com /doitsujin/dxvk or from Lutris itself (wine tricks > install dll > dxvk) i can see in winecfg that those DLL do appear, like here in winecfg window: IMAGE ONE

With DXVK Installed, the game wont run. I did run Lutris via terminal and the game itself with debug ON and got the wall of text presented in the pastebin.

No matter what wine tkg version i select from Lutris, nothing changes, even with the last 4.7 staging is same problem.
Even tried to mess with staging options on winecfg (disabling and enabling stuff) but same result IMAGE TWO

Here are my configs for TW3 on Lutris:
Game Options IMAGE THREE

See, i am the kind of guy that use “create a topic to ask stuff” as last resort. I Am trying to fix this issue since 4 days a go.
I expect that all info needed was already provided, but if not, will be my pleasure to answer any doubt who could shiny a light in this.

Thank you very much for reading until here and sorry for all those links