The Witcher 3 running great

After installing this game, I no longer think of a 500gb SSD as a large drive. I may have to re-evalutate the situation. Anyway I have a Dell Precision T7400 dual xeon quad cores, 32 gigs of ram, and GTX 960. I downloaded the game through Lutris, Because the gog backup file that I already have would freeze, Probably my system Wine isn’t setup correctly. Installation went smooth, Although it takes forever because it’s so large. I started the game, And it was very laggy. Went into Lutris configs, And turned off Esync. Started again, And it’s smooth as glass with high settings. This is the standalone game not running under gog galaxy. gog runs terrible. Anyway this was the very last thing stopping me from wiping that Win 10 drive, And it’s working perfectly. Thank you Lutris team.

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