The state of paladns

can somebody fix the state of paladins? it is unplayable on linux right now.

anyway to run it? i really enjoy this game. itd be really nice to be able to run it on linux

I’m testing the game every 2 weeks when Wine Staging is released, the game still crashes at launch…

There is a way to play it on Linux, I have it installed on a Windows 10 VM with VMWare Player and it runs fairly smoothly. It’s quite annoying to boot Windows 10 just for a game so I don’t play it anymore :confused:

thanks for trying, i really appreciate that.

If you have a WineHQ account, subscribe to this bug report if you’d like to get notified when progress is made:

so i guess it is not possible to play paladins on linux as of now

Nope, it uses Easy Anti Cheat which is a hassle for Wine. Other games that include anti-cheat implementations don’t run or have broken because of it. Paladins and Fortnite being a couple.