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The Sims Deluxe Edition CD2 not recognized by installer

Hello, a friend is trying to install the SIMS Deluxe Edition on Manjaro KDE and for some reason the installer won’t recognize the second CD even when she mounts it with Gnome Disks. Has anyone stumbled upon this before?

It happens, games can have several release and there can be minor differences between releases. In your case, my guest would be the CD doesn’t have the require file or the name has been changed ie case.

The script isn’t using the select CD dialog, it runs an setup.exe in wine, it’s wine not finding the disc. Did you mount all disc before run the script, wine sometimes has problems swapping discs.

Every possible mounting method has been tried. Mounting both disks before the install, switching disks, mounting on /mnt/,/media/,/run/media/$USER/,/home/$USER/,in the same dir as the isos. Literally everything. She’s on Manjaro KDE.

So Wine recognizes the disks in winecfg but the installer doesn’t recognize the second drive. The only logical solution for me imo is that there’s something wrong with the second CD.