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The Sims 4 (origin) without .exe file

I just installed The Sims 4, and everything went fine. Origin opened, but the game won’t launch because there is no file to be opened.
I went to the Browse Files, and went in the /Games/the-sims-4/drive-c/ProgramFiles(x86)/OriginGames which is empty. So basically, I installed Origin, but the game itself is missing.
I tried to install the game as a non-origin game, giving the rld-thesims4.iso (I downloaded the game outside Lutris to see if I could install it on the platform using this tutorial Very Brief tutorial on manually installing a game in Lutris but it fails everytime) but it doesn’t recognize the file. Says there is no game library.
What can I do to play this game?

Did you install Sims 4 through the installer on the site? Because that only gets your Origin installed and setup for it, you have to then open Origin (try ‘run exe inside wine prefix’ and navigating to origin.exe) and then install the game itself from inside Origin.
(This assumes you were using the Origin install and not a disc or something like that.)