The Sims 4 lags, Lutris breakdown and unable to activate DXVK


  • The Sims 4 (Origin) has drastic lags
  • Unable to activate DXVK
  • Lutris randomly gives out a breakdown error

My steps so far
Installed The Sims 4 (origin).
After Lutris installed, logged into Origin and installed the game in there.
Game starts and seems to act normally but lags.
Tried to turn on DXVK and esync but DXVK doesn’t stay switched on as soon as i save and leave the settings.

System set up
Running an old Dell Latitude Laptop.

  • Graphics: Nvidia NVS 5200M
  • CPU: Intel 3th gen i5
  • OS: Xubuntu 18.04 LTS
  • Wine Ver: 4.6 Staging
  • Driver: Nvidia 418

The game ran fine on the same device with Windows 10

lutris --submit issue output:

lutris -d output:

The Sims 4 log output:

Sims 4 is a DX9 game. Won’t work with DXVK. You could use D9VK but I imagine it’s quite broken atm.

Your GPU doesn’t support Vulkan.

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Thanks for reply.

But how come that it worked fine with Windows?
And i assume that my GPU also doesn’t support the 418 driver, am i right?

So is Vulkan a constant need for Lutris?

Because it doesn’t need to be translated into OpenGL. It runs through DX9 from the get go. We don’t have that luxury with Wine.

Not really but I would say it’s recommended to take advantage of DXVK/D9VK and get the most out of games.

Maybe @citrusalex can help you get Sims 4 running smoothly. I don’t know much about that game since I don’t have it.

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Perfomance in Sims 4 is a known issue. However, this might significantly improve in the future with D9VK. It currently has some rendering issues in Sims 4, but I am helping Joshua Ashton (the dev) with whatever I can to get those resolved as soon as possible.

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Thanks a lot, @cxf for the great answers and also thanks to @citrusalex for working on it, i hope you come to a solution and i would like to hear from it when it is so far.

I would have loved to help out in this case but sadly i’m pretty much of a newbie with programming, linux and all of that, but i am ready to learn, so when there is a way i could help in any way, let me know! (i’m unemployed cause of mental reasons, so i’ve got a lot of time)

Thank you guys for the fast replies and that you stick around with me, that was a great experience!

Happy to inform you that D9VK now runs perfectly with Sims 4 and that I’ve made an installer for it:

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