The Sims 4 Crashes on Start

OS: Arch
GPU: Intel HD Graphics 5500
Mesa: 20.0.0_devel.117877.2e14fe6490b-1
Driver: Iris

I’ve updated the game and then… this happens :sweat_smile::

it’s says something like ‘blablabla it’s not possible start: there is missing data blablabla make download of the sims 4 legacy using origin’

this is a piece of log exactly when game crashes:

0083:fixme:sync:NtQueryInformationJobObject stub: 0x358 1 0x852fe00 48 (nil)
0009:fixme:netprofm:list_manager_GetConnectivity 0020A800, 0032CD64
Qt: Untested Windows version 6.2 detected!
0085:fixme:heap:RtlSetHeapInformation (nil) 1 (nil) 0 stub
0086:err:winediag:wined3d_dll_init Setting multithreaded command stream to 0.
0086:fixme:wbemprox:client_security_SetBlanket 7C0FFC94, 0018C4A0, 10, 0, (null), 3, 3, 00000000, 0x00000000
0086:fixme:wbemprox:client_security_Release 7C0FFC94
0085:err:esync:__esync_wait_objects Polling on fd 37 returned 0x20.
opened using SMOID 132
0082:fixme:thread:SetThreadIdealProcessor (000000F4 32): stub
0082:fixme:thread:SetThreadIdealProcessor (000000FC 32): stub
0009:fixme:file:GetLongPathNameW UNC pathname L"\\\\?\\C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Origin Games\\The Sims 4\\Data\\Client\\ClientFullBuild0.package"
0082:fixme:thread:SetThreadIdealProcessor (000000F0 32): stub
0082:fixme:msvcrt:MSVCRT__set_abort_behavior _WRITE_CALL_REPORTFAULT unhandled
0082:fixme:thread:SetThreadIdealProcessor (000001B0 1): stub
0082:fixme:thread:SetThreadIdealProcessor (000001B8 2): stub