The Sims 2 - WineD3D installer should be kept

I noticed that the wined3d installer for TS2 was removed. I disagree with this decision. D9VK for TS2 specifically has always been unstable for me, so WineD3D was my go-to. I have made entire gigabytes of custom content with the stability that WineD3D has given me (https:/ and it has worked for me for around 500 hours of play.

I think the way forward for this game specifically, were to put the d9vk installer as the recommended one, and put the WineD3d as the legacy one, for older gpus that don’t support Vulkan, and for people like me who have had better experiences with WineD3d than d9vk.

Don’t get me wrong, I like d9vk, I like Josh’s work in modernizing Directx9 games, not only for Linux but also for Windows, but it just doesn’t make sense to restrict the user’s choices on this type of stuff. When it comes to older games that never were able to run on Linux 10 years ago, like TS2, people should have choices on how and when to play the game. Thanks!