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The Sims 1 Won't open. Complains about directX 7

Hey there.

I am having trouble playing The Sims. This is an 8 in 1 collection I used before to play and worked fine. I am talking about 1-2 years ago. After I got a new computer. I reinstalled and now I just get an error message:
“Game cannot be started because:
DirectX7, or service pack 3 for NT4, is required.
it could not be located”.

I did try different versions of Wine, even installing it under a 32 bit wineprefix, changing the OS to win98, using winetricks to reinstall directX9 (btw, Lutris cannot open winetricks, I had to use the sistem’s one). Activating/deactivating VKD3D and all the fluff, swapping between my integrated Intel GPU or forcing Nvidia, but no luck. I think it might be a Wine regression, but I can’t find anyone else with my problem.

Any idea?

I’m having the exact same problem! Fatal error and asking about DirectX7.