The link to Age Of Empire Online Installer is KO

Hy there,
Sorry for my bad English, I am a french guy.
I would like to play Age Of Empire Online (via Celeste Project) on my computer (Ubuntu Focal 20.04). I have download the script in Lutris interface and after that when I click on Continue I am blocked at the download of
In the script Lutris want to download it from this address :
But this address is going no where.
Is the address correct ? Does the server has changed ?
Thank for your help.

The link to the Lutris script is the follow : Lutris - Open Gaming Platform

Did you go to the celeste project website? (at If you click “Play for free” you can find a download link there.

Yes that was a goof idea to download the zip installer on the web site.
Now I have an error during the installation : the command line exit with code 256.
I think my computer is too old to run this game.
Thank you for your help.