The hidden dependencies of Wine+WineSteam

I loved discovering and using Lutris as a manager for all my games and scripts.

When I changed machines, though, I had a lot of trouble setting up things the way they were before.

The main thing I want to point out in this topic is that the user NEEDS to do a system-wide install of WINE before trying Wine/WineSteam, or they’ll be left clueless as to what’s happening wrong.

One of the main tests for this is installing winesteam. I tried installing it by runners>install on Winesteam and it feels like it installed, but when you try to run it, nothing happens.

After messing a lot with settings, I installed winehq-staging following winehq’s instructions and winesteam worked flawlessly and I ran a couple games on it.

Please make it so that Lutris checks for a system-wide install of WINE beforehand OR put it written somewhere that it’s a requirement. Since Lutris downloads runtimes on the fly, it may catch users off-guard.

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