The game fails to start directly, but works when starts through explorer.exe

The game is UFO: Aftershock.
When i start it directly using its executable “UFO.exe”, it fails with assert_fail error: Снимок экрана_2020-04-29_22-27-25

But, when I start explorer.exe at first in the wine prefix, and the in explorer.exe start UFO.exe, the game work, nearly perfect! DXVK doesnt work in that case, and by some reason the game freezes after 15-20 minutes of work, and need to be restarted.

Any ideas? WHat is the reason that it doesnt work directly? Maybe some wrong linking of pseudo-windows folders, like AppData etc?

Hello again. Just found the solution.
In winetricks menu i activated settings “sandbox” and “videomemorysize=2048” .
I dont know which one helped, but now the game starts directly through lutris.
DXVK doesn work, and i dont know why. And now i will check the stability.