The Division 2 can't connect to server


I installed The Division 2 via UPlay installer from this page, and it’s seems like EAC won’t install or can’t launch - at least there is no Easy Anti-Cheat splash screen on game start, so game can connect to Ubisoft server, ask questions about game language and subtitles, but then can’t connect to game servers with vague connection errors (like DELTA-04, DELTA-6, etc.) on 10% of loading, right before choosing character appearance.

From what I read, EAC under WINE is kind of “luck” thing? It’s supposed to not work, but somehow works for some users?

Anyway, what is the current state of The Division 2 on WINE? Is it supposed to be marked as Garbage (as, for example, Dead by Daylight and Fortnite) due to EAC, or there is some way to make it work after all?

Relevant thread on Ubisoft forums

In the folder that Lutris/Wine creates, there is a stand-alone installer for EAC. I tried installing it, since the Uplay installer does not. It only changes the fact that the game crashes earlier (for me).

Running the EAC client might not have an effect since it seems to be “called on” by the game on launch.