The Big Moderation Update 2018

I’m currently working for a new job and in the following weeks, once I have found one, I will end up having a lot less time to deal with Lutris stuff.

Rest assured, I won’t end up in another position like I was previously, the project of my past employer was very high maintenance and ended up draining my energy and burning me out. It took me a while to recover from the mess caused by that regarding Lutris (hence the 4 releases in a 2 week span).

While I will stay available for Lutris, I want the community to have as much power as possible so they can pretty much run the project without needing my attention.

The plan is to start an epic that will focus on moderation tools and other feedback related features.
Good news is that most issues that I want to target have already been discussed either on Github or on the forums.

We can use this thread to collect every issue that we should treat.
The different areas, I want to work on are:

  • Remove rough edges around moderation tools, make a user friendly moderation panel
  • Keep track of the past published versions of installers
  • Make an actual use of installer issues, letting the community handle them on the game page.
  • Add editable game specific notes (aka the Lutris Wiki)
  • Add a maintainer role

I’m also adding a tag on Github to group all the targeted issues:

Of course, anyone who wants to help with the development is more than welcome. We need to get this done with before I land a new job so we have to be fast. It doesn’t have to be development, there are some issues that were discussed in the forums and I’m not sure they all have corresponding github issues. Transferring relevant issues to Github would be very useful.