Thanks starcraft-ii script writers!

Thanks to everybody involved with

You allowed me to play Starcraft 2 without any issues. Basically you made it so that this popular game can be played by anybody(novice/noob/idiot or poweruser/genius/einstein).
It worked so well for me that I decided to actually become a Blizzard customer. I bought some co-op heroes and when I get enough cash I’m gonna buy the Kerrigan and Protoss campaigns so I can upgrade from my SC2 starter account to a full account.

If it wasn’t for you Linux Gaming wouldn’t be here. Also thanks to the founder of Lutris Mathieu Comandon for the original idea and implementation!

Oh yeah this is kinda trivia but I also created a Lutris Linux group. It’s called “Lutris Linux” on the EU server. Feel free to clone this group to other servers so we can unite all Lutris SC2 gamers worldwide!


Would you mind sharing your Linux setup?

I have used the same script to install, all games function, except SC2 and HoTS… :frowning:


My thead is: cannot update/install SC2/HOTS

I’m playing on Fedora 30, kernel 5.1.8-300.fc30.x86_64

I installed the d9vk version.

Graphics stuff:

  GL_VERSION:  4.6.0 NVIDIA 418.74
  GL_VENDOR:   NVIDIA Corporation

Processor ryzen 2400g.

The problem I had was during the install script, because servers were having a hiccup or something and I couldn’t connect to Blizzard to download battlenet.

Download the installer manually, then during install script select “local” instead of “download”