Thanks for the help with Extra-Life Charity

Just wanted to give a shout out Thank You! to Strider for streaming with me for Extra Life. As well as all his work this last week to sort out the changes. Not sure how much we got in donations (no one took me up on the free pre-loaded USB), but it was fun and we showed folks that using Lutris can make installing WOW is easy.

So I want to join you, for me Lutris did a wide step in gaming on linux!

That was great indeed! If you have plans for any other events of that type, let me know.

Also, once we reach the $100 goal on Patreon, I’ll contact you for some Streaming on Twitch :smiley:

Anytime. Just give the word. I used to try to do a weekly linux gaming stream, but lacked confidence anyone was getting anything out of it. Hard to stay motivated with 0-4 users. I know, it takes time, but I just fell behind and never picked it back up. Plus it felt like other shows like LGC and Liam’s gig were already covering the material better than I could.