Thank for the 0.4.6! (And a little idea)

You recently added the auto detect for some games (it detected Zandronum and DoomSeeker!).
Could you do the same thing with PlayOnLinux?

Don’t stop the great work! (;

We might be able to implement something like that. The main issue would be to differentiate which PoL created shortcut is the actual game.

Hi, auto detection is a nice feature, but is it possible to have a:

  • manual autodetection “run button” and a checklist of autodetected games that we want to add? Or
  • filter that prevents already added games from detecting (if executable in game folder is already used)

Nice feature to categorize games in by platform (was thinking about this a while ;-)) . Cheers.

The game auto import feature needs more work.
Currently, every game is auto-imported each time Lutris starts, this is not an acceptable solution and it does cause some issues.

Maybe lutris installer or metafile for a game should include executable name for it. When importing is started:

  • autodetection disabled/enabled feature in lutris options
  • if a particular executable is used by some game in user library, no more steps are made
  • if not it - there is executable on disk that match an eceutable provided by game installer or metafile
    I hope my suggestions would be usefull.

Also is there any universal installer template that just download>unzip game to specific directory and adds game to library? I want to add few games that are available for free to download? Also how mark a game as a free or opensource eg. Force: Leashed?
Cheers and thanks for Lutris.

I’ll have to make sure the github ticket has your suggestions.

As for installer templates, also planned. Should come soon-ish