Tex Murphy : Overseer MPEG2 Error

Has anyone got this game to work.

Wine has yet to fully implement WMF, etc. for media playback of Windows types. I’m going to assume this game is that way. It is being worked on and they are getting close it would seem. When I see video files, it is the first thing I assume.

There’s a possible workaround but its legally contentious so I will not post anything about it. Course, I didn’t try it or look into this problem with the game so don’t know if it would fix that problem here or not.

The DVD version of this game has caused Windows users problems for years. The GOG version uses a slight of hand, the ffdshow library and Xing decoder setting, which didn’t work for me. An older solution is to transcode the movies to MPEG1, but is a lot of effort and the game still needs to tricked into to seeing a hardware MPEG2 decoder.

The CDrom version might be the better option.

Its probably better to just wait for Wine to fix it. Someone is working on that stuff but it takes time.

The original box came with CDs and a DVD because DVD version only work a small number of systems with the right hardware mpeg decoder. I don’t think the WINE developers can fix this, The Poisoned Pawn was to be a fixed version but that got upgraded into completely new game.

You apparently don’t understand what Wine is :slight_smile:

WINE Is Not Emulator